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Certification for Russian Federation

Certification & product conformity for Russian Federation & Euroasiatic Economic Union

The Russian Federation is governed by the specific standards and requirements defined by the Economic and Customs Union of Eurasia (EAEU), which are part of Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and apply products of different nature and scope of use. These products must comply with the Eurasia Mark of Conformity (EAC) in addition to the EAC Declaration of Conformity according to their nature.

The EAC Declaration and the EAC Certificate of product conformity are certifications issued by independent third parties. These perform their function through laboratories accredited by public bodies (belonging to any of the member countries) responsible for standardization and product safety.

Sherpa Product Certification can provide you with concrete assistance to evaluate the conformity of your products according to the EAEU standards and introduce them in the Russian market or countries belonging to the Economic and Customs Union EAEU in a successful manner.

Sherpa Product Certification will take the necessary steps to ensure that its products meet all the mandatory requirements established by the Economic and Customs Union of Erasia, in addition to preparing the relevant conformity assessments that guarantee access to markets that require the EAC brand, facilitating its success in the Introduction and marketing of all its products.

We are here to help you

  • Classification of products to determine what requirements the Eurasian Economic and Customs Union establishes and apply to products, manufacturers or importers.
  • Provide advice on identifying, obtaining and interpreting TR-CU, GOST, ISO, IEC, ANSI, DIN, CSA standards during the design stage of their products.
  • Advice and preparation of conformity assessments for your products within the framework of the Russian and Eurasian Legislation.
  • Preparation of tests and tests that guarantee the conformity of products and services.
  • Manage and obtain legally recognized certifications in Russia and in the territory of the Eurasian Economic and Customs Union (EECU). EAC Certification and EAC Declaration of Conformity.
  • Prepare risk analyzes that guarantee access to the market of Russia or countries belonging to the Eurasian Economic and Customs Union.
  • Verify the technical documentation, packaging and logos required according to the nature of the product and the Russian / Euroasiatic Union legislations.

EAC Certification & Conformity Declaration

EAC Certification and Declaration of Conformity (Eurasian Mark of Conformity) are issued by independent public bodies accredited by the economic and customs legislation of Eurasia (EAEU). The EAC Certification and the EAC Declaration are obtained independently and both are mandatory depending on the nature of the product. Each of them implies different procedures and documentation. The EAC Declaration of Conformity usually requires only detailed technical documentation of the product and the EAC Certification entails the performance of tests and tests by accredited independent bodies that ensure the basic safety standards established by this EAC conformity mark.

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Sherpa Product Certification is formed by a group of engineers who are experts in regulation and standardization of products, materials and industrial processes at an international level. Our essence as Sherpas is to help our clients to create lasting value in their business and meet their professional needs. If you need help in the procedures of a certificate or simply need specific information about our services, we are  happy to help you. Hire a Sherpa in your company and forget about legislation and documentation of your products. Our Sherpas certification experts report quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients when we are most needed.

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