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Product Conformity & Certification for United States of America (US / USA)

Products sold in the United States of America (USA) must comply with their own rules and regulations which guarantee the safety of the products in US markets. In some cases and specific US regions, additional rules and requirements are requested. U.S Federal Legislation requires product conformity assessments to be carried out through documentary evidence and / or tests to ensure that all products comply with all established regulations.

The Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA), the Consumer Products Act (CPSA) and the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) provide the Federal Requirements that all products must meet according to their usage and scope.

Sherpa Product Certification can advise you and take the necessary actions to guarantee that your products meet all mandatory requirements for US markets. In addition we provide suport by carrying out all studies and conformity assessments procedures that promote access to the USA market without risks, facilitating your success in the introduction and commercialization of all your products.

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  • Classification of products to determine which requirements of the U.S Federal Legislation apply to products, manufacturers or importers.
  • Provide advice for the identification, acquisition and interpretation of ANSI, IEC, ISO, CSA, UL & CAN standards during the design stages of products.
  • Advice and preparation of product conformity assessments within the framework of the US Federal Legislation.
  • Carry out tests and evidence that guarantee the conformity of products and services.
  • Manage and obtain oficial recognized certifications in the U.S territory (UL, FCC, ETL, CSA).
  • Prepare risk analysis that guarantee access to the U.S Market.
  • Verify required technical documentation, packaging and logotypes according to the product’s nature and the U.S legislation.
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Our Specialities. Certifications with oficial recognition in USA market


UL Certification for USA

UL certification for the USA is a voluntary certification. This certification is issued by Underwriters Laboratories laboratory and guarantees that the product that has it printed complies with all US regulations regarding safety and energy efficiency. The UL certification is a certification with international prestige and has wide acceptance as proof of quality worldwide.


c-UL-us - UL Certification for USA & Canada

UL certification for the US and Canada is voluntary and guarantees that the product that has it complies with all US and Canadian regulations regarding safety and energy efficiency. Due to the bilateral agreements regarding manufacturing standards between the US and Canada, the standards are accepted reciprocally by both countries, so normally a product certified under US standards is accepted in Canadian territory and vice versa. Some products of a specific nature al excliuded and are regulated by a specifical country/regional legislation.


c-MET-US - MET Certification for USA & Canada

MET certification is granted by MET Laboratories, has orgien in the USA and is voluntary. The certification methods used are based on standards related to safety, quality and energy efficiency in the US and Canada. Its services and certifications guarantee that the products that have this brand comply with all the requirements in terms of safety and quality demanded by the US or Canada or both. Its certification, validation or test services are widely recognized internationally.

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FCC Certification for USA

FCC certification is mandatory and is regulated by the Federal Communications Commission. This certification applies to all products that generate an electromagnetic environment disturbance. If a product have this FCC certification printed on it, it means that the product does not exceed the limits established by the Federal Communications Commission.


c-ETL-us - ETL Certification for USA & Canada

ETL certification is a voluntary certification and guarantees that the product that owns it complies with all the standards regarding safety and quality throughout the North American territory (USA and Canada). This certification is issued by the prestigious Intertek laboratory, founded by Thomas Edisom. The ETL certification is a proof of conformity, quality and guarantee. It is fully accepted in the US and Canada and in many countries worldwide.


CSA-us - CSA Certification for USA

CSA certification for the USA is of a voluntary nature and guarantees that the product that possesses it complies with all the security standards that apply in US territory. This certification is issued and managed by the prestigious and world-renowned Canadian laboratory CSA Group, belonging to the Canadian Standards Association. This organization has the authorization of the SCC (Canadian Council of Standards), body in charge of regulating organizations and laboratories in Canadian territory that elaborate standards in addition to carrying out tests that guarantee, independently, the conformity of products and other services to the service of the Canadian citizen. .

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Sherpa Product Certification is formed by a group of engineers who are experts in regulation and standardization of products, materials and industrial processes at an international level. Our essence as Sherpas is to help our clients to create lasting value in their business and meet their professional needs. If you need help in the procedures of a certificate or simply need specific information about our services, we are  happy to help you. Hire a Sherpa in your company and forget about legislation and documentation of your products. Our Sherpas certification experts report quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients when we are most needed.

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