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International ISO Standards

¿What are ISO Standards and why I need them?

The ISO Standards are oriented to order the management of a company in all its areas. International competition added to the globalizing processes of the economy, has encouraged that these standards, despite being of a voluntary nature, have normalized their recognition and international acceptance. All ISO standards and certifications, among others, are made up of guides and standards related to very specific management tools and systems applicable to all types of organizations and activities.

If your organization holds a certificate issued by an internationally recognized regulatory body, it guarantees that an independent organization with international prestige has reviewed and accredits that your organization complies with all the requirements set out in its regulatory standards and is worthy of exposing the public to the corresponding distinctive that guarantees said status quo .. These organisms carry out periodic inspections to verify that the standards are maintained.

Obtaining certificates improves customer perception in different areas and is associated with professionalism, quality and effectiveness. There are many certifications and regulations of different nature. From certifications of quality processes and information management to restrictions of chemical compounds in products, waste management and handling of hazardous materials.

ISO Certification within 3 Steps

Depending on the category of the ISO Standard in question, some processes or others are carried out. The certification schemes for ISO standards are governed by these 3 steps.

 1. Evaluate the processes that can be certified
2. Obtain the requirements of the ISO Standard in question, plan and implement its regulations to the processes or previous installations.
3. Apply to the International Regulatory Body to obtain the certification in question.

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Our ISO Standard Specialities

Sherpa provides full assistance at any stage and during the certification process for ISO Standards and Standards.

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ISO 9001 - Quality Management

It is the standard par excellence used to design a quality management system. It is world-renowned and is the QMS (Quality management system) usually required to meet harmonized European standards.

iso 14001
ISO 14001 - Enviromental Management

Regulates and normalizes the environmental aspects of each of the activities that a company develops. Its fundamental values are the environment and the care that the impact of its activities has on the environment. Obtaining the hallmark of the ISO14001 standard will differentiate it from the competition and improve the image before customers, consumers and the general public.

Other Certificates - ISO 13485 (Quality Management for medical devices), ISO 200001 (ICT Services), ECOCERT (Ecological Certificate), Private Certificates

Sherpa will advise and manage the obtaining of any certificate issued by a Regulatory Body with International recognition. From certificates in management, quality or production to food, cosmetics or agriculture.

Sherpa Certification Company its your ISO Standard Expert

Sherpa will identify the needs of your organization, facilitate the planning and implementation of requirements in processes and procedures that must be modified or included in the organization to obtain certificates and compliance with regulations or regulations under ISO standards or other private certificates.

Initial Evaluation

Sherpa will evaluate the procedures, processes, facilities, products or materials that wish to be certified and will determine if the requested standards are feasible to obtain and what requirements are based on it.

Planning and Implementation

Once determined what standard or certificate is feasible to obtain, a detailed planning will identify which areas and characteristics should be modified and what changes will be made to guarantee the standards included in the desired ISO regulations.

Certification Body Application

Once the changes are completed, Sherpa will notify the Regulatory Body of the intention to apply to obtain the certificate in question. It will elaborate all the necessary documentation and will carry out all the procedures so that your organization obtains the certificate in the shortest possible time.

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How can we Help you?

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Sherpa Product Certification is formed by a group of engineers who are experts in regulation and standardization of products, materials and industrial processes at an international level. Our essence as Sherpas is to help our clients to create lasting value in their business and meet their professional needs. If you need help in the procedures of a certificate or simply need specific information about our services, we are  happy to help you. Hire a Sherpa in your company and forget about legislation and documentation of your products. Our Sherpas certification experts report quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients when we are most needed.

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