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It is extremely important to know the legal and fiscal requirements involved in importing or exporting goods from one country to another. It requires special attention to the current legislation of each territory and prepare a preliminary study in detail of the nature and composition of the goods that you want to import, including the possible conditions, restrictions, tariffs, documentary or inspection procedures that your goods may be submitted and possible penalties or legal consequences that may derive from documentary negligence and restrictions.

Therefore, Sherpa will guide you and help you in all the documentary procedures that affect the conformity of your products in Import and Export operations, in this way you can dedicate your best resources to intrinsic aspects of the quality of the product.

Import / Export assistance within 6 steps

Depending on the nature of the merchandise in question, different procedures are required, however the 6 basic procedures are:

  1. Evaluate project viability
  2. Determine the legal requirements and tariffs that apply to a product in an specific region/country
  3. Analyze and verify product nature and composition by professional testing labs
  4. Request and manage product licenses, analysis and certificates from notified bodies
  5. Write the EU Declaration of Conformity and performr the steps for CE Marking for all your products 
  6. Write the tecnical documentation of your products according each normatives

Sherpa Certification Company is your Expert in Import / Export Operations

Each country has its own standards and standards of quality and product safety to ensure the safety of the people who use them. At Sherpa, we are specialists in international regulations regarding product and material legislation, so we will guide you through all the legal requirements that affect your product.

Evaluate Project Viability

With great probability, an analysis will include additional requirements that were previously unknown and condition the viability of the project. Import requires rigorous processes that deserve detailed attention.

Collect Legal Requirements and Country Tariffs

It is vital to know all the legal aspects that affect the merchandise. The merchandise, according to each territory, is subject to restrictions, prohibitions and obligatory tariff costs. Sherpa informs you of the legal requirements that apply to the goods and advises you in all the processes for its fulfillment.

Analyze, check and classify product nature and its compounds

Through the requirement to the manufacturer of true certificates, analysis and laboratory tests or own certification by internationally regulated bodies, it is guaranteed that it complies with the legal requirements that apply to it. Sherpa will assess which certificates are required to be requested to suppliers and manufacturers, in addition Sherpa will check its autenticity.

Manage Tests, Licenses and Certificates

All products that are exported and imported into the European Union must comply with European regulations and, if applicable, those of the country of origin. If the nature of the merchandise requires the possession of import or export licenses, chemical analyzes or binding certificates, Sherpa will help you to have everything in order before relevant Organisms and Authorities.

Write Product Declaration of Conformity and perform CE Marking

Products marketed in European territory must have a Declaration of Conformity in which it is indicated with which regulations and directives the product complies. Sherpa will prepare all the necessary documentation for the placing on the market of imported products or materials through the drafting of the declaration of conformity, technical information, mandatory labeling, user manuals or restrictions of use.

Write Product Technical Documentation

Each regulation indicates which content should be included in the documentation of a product. Sherpa will carry out an analysis of the requirements applicable to your product and will review or elaborate the technical documentation that is needed.

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Sherpa Product Certification is formed by a group of engineers who are experts in regulation and standardization of products, materials and industrial processes at an international level. Our essence as Sherpas is to help our clients to create lasting value in their business and meet their professional needs. If you need help in the procedures of a certificate or simply need specific information about our services, we are  happy to help you. Hire a Sherpa in your company and forget about legislation and documentation of your products. Our Sherpas certification experts report quickly and efficiently to the needs of our clients when we are most needed.

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